1849, "Texan Skunk," John James Audubon

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"Texan Skunk," J.T. Bowen, Philadelphia, 1849 First Edition Octavo (6 3/4" x 10 3/8"). Drawn from nature by John James Audubon. Published in "The Quadrupeds of North America." Lithograph stone prepared by W. E. Hitchcock; lithographed, printed & original hand color by J. T. Bowen. A fine image of the Hog-nosed or White-backed Skunk, from the greatest illustrated natural history work to be produced in America during the nineteenth century. The Hog-nosed or White-backed Skunk is limited to Texas and surrounding states. This beautiful original image shows a Texan skunk with a bird. Condition is very good; glue residue line in top margin from tissue guard and small tear below the title "Texan Skunk" which has been repaired on reverse with Filmoplast acid-free archival tape (invisible when framed and matted).


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