1899, "Map of Texas and Parts of the Adjoining . . .," Robert T. Hill

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"Map of Texas and Parts of the Adjoining Territories, 1899" Robert T. Hill.  This very large, historic, map was compiled under the direction of  Hill and drawn by Henry S. Selden and Willard D. Johnson. U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., 1900. Dated 1899 on face.  Lithographed map, with some color shading. Image:  31-1/8" high x 35-½." wide. Noted, top left : "U.S. Geological Survey." Noted, top right: "Bulletin No. 190 PL 1." Scale: 25 miles = 1 inch. Contour interval, 250 feet. References: Day 1006, 1753; Martin & Martin, Plate 50, p. 163. As noted in Martin: "As the nineteenth century drew to a close, so too did the last stretches of unknown and unclaimed land in the American West. . . . Map makers were at last learning the physical characteristics of the land from actual experiences, and this information spurred new scientific interest in the topography and geology of these lands. . . ." Hill was a distinguished scholar, teacher and geologist who was active in many of the geological surveys of the Rio Grande and Big Bend regions. This map added greater sophistication to the cartographic history of Texas and helped set new standards in the mapping of the state. Map folded as issued. Medium weight, sound paper. Excellent condition







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