1894, "Texas Railroads," Rand McNally & Co.

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"Texas Railroads," Rand McNally & Co., 1894. (Image: 19" wide x 26" high). This very large railroad shipping map is extremely detailed. For example, in our county, Brazoria, there are several towns shown that no longer exist: Ross, Riceton, Masterson, Perry's Landing, Hinkle's Ferry and Hawdon. The map has a chart of railroads with numbered locations of railroad express offices for Wells Fargo, American Express, Pacific Express and others. An example is Westall where the Pacific Express office was located in Brazoria County on the Velasco, Brazos & Northern Railroad. Westall is no longer in existence. The chief cities in eastern Texas are set out in the margin in order of size and the population in either thousands or hundreds is given for each city, e.g. Houston had 43,000 and Port Arthur, 900. All railroads and stations along each route are cited. They extend into Oklahoma and the Indian Territory. This map has been used; it has chips along the page edges and smaller splits which have been repaired with Filmoplast acid free conservation tape on the reverse. The full size photo shown is not representative; the map will frame beautifully.



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