"Texas, " 1894, Rand McNally & Co.

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[No Title].  Rand McNally & Co., 1894, but with 1892 copyright date printed on face of map. From Indexed Atlas of the World. (Image: 25 3/4" wide x19 1/2" high). This very large railroad shipping map is extremely detailed. For example, in our county, Brazoria, there are several towns shown that no longer exist: Rhodes, Custer, Masterson, Hinkle's Ferry, Phair and Velasco (now Freeport). Inset of the southern most portion of the Valley (Zapata, Starr, Hidalgo and Cameron counties). All railroads and stations along each route are cited as well as railroad company names. The railroads are shown extending into Mexico and into Oklahoma and the Indian Territory. Almost pristine condition; a beautiful, impressive, large map.


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