Red Headed Woodpecker

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"The Red Headed Woodpecker," original hand-colored copperplate engraving published in 1793 from the work entitled "The Naturalist Miscellany." Published by George Shaw (1751-1813) and Frederick P. Nodder (1773-1801), F.P. Nodder & Company, London. (page size 5 1/2"  x 9 1/2").  Accompanying page states: "This species of Woodpecker here figured is extremely common in most parts of North America, and is considered as a most destructive enemy to plantations and orchards, devouring great quantities of maize and fruit. It is a bird of singular beauty and neatness of appearance. The head and neck are of the richest crimson; the rest of the bird of a deep polished black with a bluish gloss, except the breast, belly, rump, and shorter feathers of the wings, which are snow-white . . .." Chain-linked watermarked paper. Excellent condition, as shown.


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