1777, "Messico O Nuova Spagna," G. Robertson

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"Messico O Nuova Spagna," G. Robertson, from map by Thomas Kitchen. (Image: 14 1/2" side x 10 3/4" high). This Italian map of Mexico or New Spain is impressive and expertly colored. Many of Robertson's maps were published in black and white; this map has probably been colored subsequent to 1777. The Texas Rivers, shown from east to west, are: Messican; Flores; Trinita; Maligne; Cannes, Leon; Hondo; and Bravo Fiume. Today's Texas existed as a separate province of Spain from 1727 until 1824, when it was united with the Mexican state of Coahuila in 1824 to become the State of Coahuila y Texas. This map identifies the area north and south of the current Rio Grande as "Nuovo Regno Di Leon." The Indian tribes shown in current Texas are the Canatinos, Tecas, Apaches and Cenis. The Cartouche states, in part: "Messico O Nuova Spagna dove si possono rintracciare i movimenti di Cortes. Per sevrire alla storia d' America del D. Robertson. Delineata da Tommaso Kitchin, il Maggiore  Iderografo di sua Maestra Brittanica." The inset shows the vicinity of  Mexico City.



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