1890, "Texas, Indian Territory and Oklahoma," Jas. Monteith

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"Texas. Indian Territory and Oklahoma," American Book Company, New York, 1890. (Image: 11" high x 8 1/2" wide). Although this beautiful, original relief line engraving by James Monteith is entitled "Texas, Indian Territory and Oklahoma," its central focus is Texas. The quality of printing and paper is very good. The colors are strong. The copyright "1885, 1890 by James Monteith" appears on the face at bottom left. The map is very unique because of its unusual utility. Steamship routes and railway lines (with stations) are shown with red lines. The direction or course in which rivers flow is shown by "arrows" and the head of river navigation by "anchors." Isothermal lines are also shown. Comparative latitudes and comparative temperatures are on charts on the right and left margins of the map, along with mean temperature. The top margin reflects comparative time of day by using clock-faces (when 12:00 noon at London). Standard time in the U.S. is shown by red lines dividing time zones. The bottom margin has a comparative elevation of surface chart. This map has two insets: Houston-Galveston; and a physical chart of Principal Products and Principal Seaport.


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