1891, "Texas, Oklahoma & Indian TerritorY," Hunt & Eaton

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"Texas, Oklahoma and Indian Territory," Hunt & Easton, New York, 1891. (Image: 9" wide x 11 1/4" high) This quality relief line engraving is one of the more striking and unusual American maps of the 19th Century. It was engraved by Fisk & Company of New York and published in 1891 by Hunt & Eaton, also of New York. It is an original cerograph. The map shows railroad lines and railway stations and has a scale of 1" to 70 miles. All counties and a large number of cities are depicted, many of which no longer exist. Longitude is measured from Washington. It was printed on a fold-out atlas page with margins sufficiently wide for framing. The paper is high quality and of medium weight. The condition of the map is excellent. It has very light age toning, evenly across the page. The pastel colors (pink, yellow, green, light purple, blue and black) are strong and the printing is sharp and clear. The map is unique because the area immediately outside the borders of the state is a starkly contrasting black and white



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