1861, "General Sam Houston," Harper's Weekly

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"General Sam Houston, Governor of Texas," From: "Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization," 1861. (Image: approximately 6" wide x 9" high on full page of the "Weekly," which is 11" wide x 16" high). Relief line engraving from photograph by famed Civil War photographer Matthew Brady.  "Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization," was the creation of Fletcher Harper, one of the four brothers who founded the famous printing and publishing house in 1857. It was Harper’s intention to publish a high quality, weekly newspaper, featuring literature having only a limited number of pictures suitable for family reading. By the end of its first year, however, the "Weekly" had become a fully illustrated and sought after publication. With the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, its circulation and influence increased dramatically increased and the paper earned a justified place as one of the leading newspapers in the country. Very good condition, minor edge tears repaired on reverse with Filmoplast acid free archival tape.


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