1874, "A Deer Drive in the Texas Cross-timber," Harper's Weekly

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1874, "A Deer Drive in the Texas Cross-Timber." Engraved by Paul Frenzeny (1840-1902) and Jules Tavernier for Harper's Weekly. (Image: 20" wide x 13 3/4" high). Paul Frenzeny and Jules Tavernier were French artists who were employed by Harper’s from 1872 to 1882 to illustrate the western frontier for the magazine. During their journeys across the continent, Tavernier and Frenzeny produced a remarkable series of engravings and sketches of life in the west. This very large two page wood cut relief line engraving is one of their most beautiful engravings. On the reverse is a story describing a Texas deer drive. In part: "The great belt of forest, bordered on each side by prairie lands, which extends from San Antonio up to the Indian Territory is called the 'Cross Timber.'  ... The favorite sport of the farmers and stock-raisers who live in the neighborhood of the Cross Timber is an old-fashioned deer drive." The article describes at some length how the hunt is conducted. A very interesting item for a Texas deer hunter. The first picture above is misleading. This engraving is in perfect, almost pristine condition.



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