"Mexico," Sidney Hall, C. 1830

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"Mexico," Sidney Hall, London, c. 1830. Expansive Mexico from Belize to northern New California, with heart-shaped Mexican state of Texas. Inset map of Guatimala (sp.). Original outline colors of green, red, blue, orange and gold. Thick rag paper, no fold. Copper plate intaglio engraved. (Image: 14-1/2" wide x 10-1/4" high on 17-1/2" x 12-1/2" page). The Big Bend and Pan Handle are part of an undefined area identified as New Mexico. The Valley is part of the State of Tamaulipas, with the Rio Grande River running through the states of Cohauila and Tamaulipas. Other rivers from east to west: Sabine; Naches (sp.); Trinidad; Navasota; Brazos de Dios (or Flores); Colorado; Guadalupe; and San Antonio. This map shows El Camino Real (the Royal Road) from Laredo to San Antonio to Nacogdoches and Natchitoches. Indian villages: Cashata (sp); Nadaco, Cherokee, Tacani and Uacosi. Cities named: Rufugio: S. Antonio; Brazoria; S. Felipe; Harrisburg Village; Guardia Barca; Cabello; and Encinos. Excellent condition.



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