1857, "Map of Part of  the State of Texas," J.H. Colton

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"Map of Part of the State of Texas," J.H. Colton & Co., New York, 1857. This simple black and white map is very difficult to find because it is a folding map printed as part of Frederick Law Olmsted's book, "A Journey  Through Texas; Saddle-Trip of the Southwestern Frontier." (Image: 9" wide x 7 5/8" high). The map omits the Pan Handle, Big Bend and the Valley counties south of Webb County. This is the few pre-civil war Texas maps that shows the road system, rather than railroads.  Some of the Texas forts: Fort Martin Scott near Fredericksburg, Fort Clark, Fort Territ, Fort Inge, Fort Ewell, Fort Phantom Hill, Fort McKavette. Bexar County is shown as split and covers much of the central and west part of the state. Some other interesting places shown: a German Settlement in Llano County; Emigrant's Route from Fort Mason to the Green Mounds; Smith & Whiting's Route to El Paso; San Antonio Road; Upper Presidio Road; Lower Presidio Road, Laredo Road; Birdville as the largest town in Tarrant County. Excellent condition.



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