1832, "United States of Mexico," David H. Burr

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"United States of Mexico," David H. Burr (1803-1875), 1832, New York. (Image: 10 3/8" wide x 12 5/8" high). Notwithstanding the stains on its left side, this copperplate engraved map is one of the most beautiful maps of Texas I have seen. Texas is shown as a heart-shaped province of Mexico. The map is dated in the center bottom as follows: "Entered according to an act of Congress, Feby. 16the1832, by David H. Burr, in the Clerk's Office of the district Court for the Southern District of New York." The inset is "Guatemala or the United Provinces of Central America." The area between the Rio de las Nueces and Rio del Norte (Rio Grande) which includes Laredo and Mier is listed as part of the Mexican state of "New Santander." The Texas towns named are: S. Saba, La Trinity, Nacadoches (sp.), Brazoria and San Felippe de Austin. Two towns I have never heard of are shown west of San Antonio: Lagunilla and Espada. The hand coloring is very strong. Excellent condition, except for the stains.



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