1780, "Le Nouveau Mexique ...," Rigobert Bonne

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1780, "Le Nouveau Mexique, avec la Partie Septentrionale de l'Ancien, ou de la Nouvelle Espagne," Rigobert Bonne (1727-1795). Bonne was a French engineer and cartographer. (Image: 12-1/2" wide x 8-3/8" high on 14" x 10" page). This important map depicting central to northern Mexico, lower California and what will become, Texas, New Mexico and the Gulf Coast. The colors are very bright and we assume that they were added sometime subsequent to the publishing of the map. The map shows the following settlements: Texas (on the Rio Colorado); San Saba; San Antonio Bejar; Toos; San Paul; and Fort Adayes (sp.). Fort Adaes was a presidio founded in 1721 by the Marquis de Aguayo as an outpost to halt French encroachment into New Spain. The fort was built in the form of a hexagon with three bastions. Use of the fort was abandoned when the French surrendered. Excellent condition.



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