C. 1840, "Mexico & Texas," Joshua Archer

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"Mexico & Texas," Engraved by Joshua Archer, London, circa 1840. Publisher: H.G. Collins, London. Original outline coloring and shading. Quality, heavy weight paper. (Image: 9" high x 11" wide on 10-1/2" x.12 3/4" page). Colors: green, pink, yellow, orange and green. Scale: 1"=200 miles. Compass rose with Western Hemisphere as a medallion. Texas is shown as an independent Republic. The wide panhandle reaches to the Spanish Peaks and Arkansas River. New Mexico is reduced to a narrow corridor between the Rio Bravo River and the Sierra de los Mimbres mountain range. Texas includes Taos and Santa Fe. Some interesting place names in current Texas: Presidio de Altar, Parker’s Fort, Franklin, Montgomery, Swartout, Texanna, Lamar. Excellent condition.



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