1862, "Johnson's New Map of Texas," Johnson and Ward

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"Johnson’s New Map of the State of Texas," Alvin Jewitt Johnson, Johnson and Ward, New York, 1862. (Image: 24 ½" wide x 16 ½" high). This very large, beautiful hand colored map is a steel plate engraving published by Alvin Jewitt Johnson, one of the most highly regarded and prolific American map makers of the 19th Century. Johnson (along with a partner, as "Johnson & Browning") first published maps, in Richmond, Virginia. around 1860. Johnson moved his company to New York with the outbreak of the Civil War and the new company became known as "Johnson & Ward." His maps are noted for their ornate borders and high quality. This map depicts county boundaries, rivers, mountains, islands, Civil War forts and cities as they existed in 1862. The insets for this map are: Plan of the Northern Part of Texas (panhandle); Plan of Galveston Bay; and Plan of Sabine Lake. This map also delineates the location of the "U.S. Mail Route" from El Paso to Fort Bellnap in Young County and thence to near Sherman in Grayson County. Bexar County, El Paso County and Presidio County cover roughly the western third of the state. This map has a small 1/4" circular stain to the right of the Galveston Bay inset; otherwise it is in very good condition.





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